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Please note that no tickets are available on the bank, if fishing without a ticket you will be asked to leave.

All anglers, at the time of buying a ticket, must be in possession of a valid EA Rod Licence & Day Ticket / Membership. We may ask to see this, if you do not want to show your rod licence, you will be denied a day ticket / asked to leave. 


1: No Fires

2: Barbless Hooks Only

3: No Fixed Rigs

4: Unhooking mat and net are compulsory

5: Maximum of two rods per person

6: No Peanuts

7: Tickets must be purchased Prior to fishing

8: All litter to be bagged and placed in bins provided or to be taken away with you

9: All large items of litter ie: rods, luggage must be taken with you

10: ALL fish to be returned to the water unharmed

11: NO fish over 10lb to be retained for more than 15 minutes (ie for pictures)

12: Fishing times are from 7am to dusk wintertime and 7am to 8pm summertime

13: NO tickets are sold on the bank. If you haven't got a ticket you will be asked to leave

14: Nobody to be on the bank without a valid day ticket or membership.

15: Night anglers may have their partner as an overnight guest with prior consent.

16: Appropriate equipment must be used for the fishing you are doing.

17. All landing nets, sacks and slings are to be dry before coming on to the lake. 

18: The Bailiffs word is final

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