No Night Fishing on pegs 2-5 inclusive!

Do NOT buy a ticket online before 8.30pm Sunday for the following week.

Please note that no tickets are available on the bank, if fishing without a ticket you will be asked to leave.


Tickets purchased online will receive the gate code Via Email


Do NOT arrive or enter before 7am

All anglers must be off the lake by 8pm

No entry during closed times, exit permitted in case of emergency only

Do NOT share the gate code with anyone

Lock the gate behind you at all times

Anyone breaking these rules may loose their membership or right to purchase a day ticket

CCTV operates in this area

All anglers, at the time of buying a ticket, must be in possession of a valid EA Rod Licence & Day Ticket / Membership. We may ask to see this, if you do not want to show your rod licence, you will be denied a day ticket / asked to leave. 


Lake Rules

1: Tickets must be purchased prior to fishing and anglers must be 16 years and over if fishing alone.

2: Barbless Hooks Only.

3: No Fixed Rigs.

4. All landing nets, sacks and slings are to be dry before coming on to site.

5. NO KEEPNETS unless a pre-approved ‘Keepnet ticket’ is issued to the angler. (Suspended due to Covid - No Keepnets other than on our matches)

5: Unhooking mat and net are compulsory; these must suit intended target species.

6: Appropriate equipment must be used for the type of fishing you are doing.

7: ALL fish to be returned to the water unharmed.

8: Only coated braid for hooklinks, no braided mainlines unless lure fishing or spod/marker rods.

9: Maximum of two rods per person – Night Member’s may use 3 during winter.

10: NO fish to be retained for more than 15 minutes (ie for pictures)

11: No Fires.

12: All litter to be bagged and placed in bins provided or to be taken away with you.

13: All large items of litter ie: rods, luggage must be taken with you, large items dumped will be classed as fly tipping!

14: Nobody to be on the bank without a valid day ticket or membership.

15: Night anglers may have their partner as an overnight guest with prior consent.

16. No Live Baits.

17: The Bailiffs word is final.

By buying a ticket you're agreeing to abide by the rules and that if you're breaking the rules you agree to be asked to leave.